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The Latest Book

Richard Heathcote's most recent book comes in the form of 'Business Networking Unfiltered - The No Bullshit Guide To Making Real Connections'.

A mildly unorthodox take on the business networking industry, and how to get better results from it. A raw, unsanitised and unfiltered book; a refreshing change from most other business books.

Available globally on Amazon,

in paperback and Kindle.

A peek inside

the book

We all know how important networking is to our business’ marketing efforts, whether you attend free events, or paid events with ever flowing Prosecco - the process is the same. You want to be able to communicate your offering effectively, and understand more about everyone else in the room.

Within this book, you will learn:

  • How to better pitch your offering
  • How to forge real connections through active listening
  • How to build a virtual team around you
  • How to deliver presentations more effectively
  • How to enhance and develop your personal brand
  • How to go about setting up your own networking events

The First Book

'How To Start Podcasting' has been designed as a practical guide to lead you through the entire process, from conception, right through to launch.

Whether you have a good working knowledge of podcasts, or are a beginner, this book will demonstrate the 13 key benefits of podcasting, why it can be so impactful to your business, plus showing you the types of equipment, tools and platforms you should be looking at when starting your own journey.

Available globally on Amazon,

in paperback and Kindle.

A peek into podcasting

This book is jam packed with insider knowledge and useful information to help take your podcast from merely a concept, to a fully fledged entity, learning about tools and platforms you may not have known about previously.

  • Ideal for beginners & those with some production experience
  • Demonstrates the 13 key benefits of podcasting
  • Shows why it can positively impact your business
  • Explains the types of equipment, tools and platforms to consider when starting your journey
  • Doesn’t need to be costly either - set up with minimal spend
  • Equipment, software and platform advice throughout

Think of this book as your podcasting toolkit you can refer to when you need a friendly guide to offer advice, support and inspiration, to boost you along in your podcast adventure.

About the author

Richard Heathcote was born in Birmingham, UK, although now calls the leafy Warwickshire countryside his home. (Or as he calls it, rural living but with decent broadband).

He has been a full time professional voiceover artist for over 15 years, producing audio for small, medium and large bluechip clients all over the world.

Over the course of his career, he’s become well versed in audio and video production, with a keen interest in photography too. Along with the ‘day job’ and producing podcasts, he’s also been actively involved in the business networking industry for over 20 years, both as an attendee, and event organiser. So you could say he’s been there, and most definitely done that.

Each of these books are designed to be easy to read, informative and helpful guides, to allow people to get the very best out of their chosen interests.

Both books are available globally on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle formats.

On Twitter, he can be found at @voiceoverartist

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